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Wed, Feb 20, 2019

Oldonyo Sambu is located 36 km north-west of Arusha on the highway to Nairobi. The centre of operations is Oldonyo Sambu Market (also known as Maiko Market).

The programme includes the following:
  • Short hikes up the hills to view the beautiful Maasai land and to get a glimpse of Mt.Kilimanjaro, Mt.Meru, Longido and Kitumbeine.
  • Visits to traditional Maasai bomas, markets and watering dams.
  • Visit to a traditional healer and the centre of Maasai women specializing in making ornaments.
  • Study walks to a historic tower, tribal holy trees and water springs.
  • Horse, camel and donkey rides across Maasai country.

  There are various tour options available:

·         Half day tours

o   The safari starts with a visit to a Maasai boma to see the traditional lifestyle of the tribe. Hike up the Oldonyo-Was Hill to view the surrounding plains and villages. Later, head to the centre of Maasai women specializing in ornament-making and to the historic tower, a reminder of colonialism. Trek to a holy fig tree and thereon to a water spring.

o   Start by hiking up the Mareu Hill to view Mt.Kilimanjaro, Mt.Meru,Longido, Kitumbeine and Monduli. Rest in a Maasai boma before heading to meet a traditional healer.

·                Full day tour tours

o   Hike up the Oldonyo-Was Hill, then rest in a Maasai boma before heading to meet a traditional healer.Visit the watering dams and a traditional meat camp or 'orpul'. Proceed to the fields and to watch livestock in the lush pastures of the Maasai. Nearby is a zoo with Marabou storks, leopards and colobus monkeys. Time permitting, you will be shown the local method of bee-keeping.

o   Start by hiking up Mareu Hill to view Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru , Longido, Kitumbeine and Monduli.Later,rest in a Maasai boma and visit a traditional healer. Go on to see the holy fig tree, water spring, meat camp and historic tower. End the journey with a meal prepared by the Maasai women.

·          Overnight tour

      A tailor-made overnight tour can be oraganised to include a visit a Maasai boma, Maasai market and traditional healer. Go to the pastures to learn about Maasai livestock and enjoy a traditional ‘nyama choma’ or roast meat meal.